Sunday, May 10, 2009


Sorry it's been so long since my last post. The guild is ridiculously active, and I have had a ton of stuff to do in terms of logistics lately that I haven't had much time to post much. We're up to Guild Rank 33, and have 14 or so people on every night, and I have been coordinating pushes, and recruiting, and talking to diff guilds about joining our (now buzzing) alliance... I've just been utterly burnt out by the time I log off. ;)

That being said, its RANTING time!

I'm going to touch on a subject today that I have touched on once before, and that others have also discussed in their blogs, but in a somewhat more "specific" way.

Today, I'm going to talk about Warhammer Whores.

Let me start out by saying that I have a ton of respect for the girls out there playing who are trying to "break the mold" if you will. Girls who bring their "A" game every time they log on. Girls who push the envelope, and are determined to build their reputation on merit and skill... and nothing else.

I consider myself one of those types. I have never, ever in my MMO career taken a handout simply because of my gender. I've never flirted or led a guy on in order to get him to do things for me in game, or to get him to give me things I want or need. I get what I want myself, and I earn every last little bit of it. It is this way for me in WAR, as it was in WoW, as it was in Asheron's Call... as it is in real life. As a gamer, I rely on being female for NOTHING, as in a virtual world with imaginary races and environments, the gender of the person at the keyboard essentially means nothing at all. What matters is HOW you play, and HOW you apply your morals and values to your interactions with other players, regardless of THEIR gender.

This brings me to the meat of this rant.

I hate. HATE. HATE with all the burning, back loathing in my rotten little heart all those girls who do NOTHING for themselves in games, rely on males to CARRY them and provide them with everything they need, and give ME and the rest of MY kind the reputation THEY are building for themselves. Like it or not, we live in a world of stereotypes. They are there in the real world, and they are there in the virtual world of WAR. How you conduct yourself IN GAME is a direct reflection on what type of person you are in REAL LIFE... and guess what, sweetie? You behaving like a HARLOT on public gaming forums, in Region chat, etc. ad nauseum DOES reflect on ME.

I don't want to hear about your sexual escapades in game, or what they have earned you. And just so we are clear, this doesn't make me a "prude". It makes me a female gamer with a little self respect. Want to know why you have no information regarding my sex life so you need to resort to ad hominem attacks? BECAUSE THOSE DETAILS OF MY LIFE ARE NONE OF ANYONE IN THE GAMES BUSINESS. And guess what? None of that information about YOUR life is anyone's either.... and we DON'T want to KNOW!

You consider yourself "liberated" and "open about your sexuality"? Well let me clue you in on why you're wrong.

Liberated, confident women try to BREAK stereotypes, not feed into them. We don't WANT people to think we got where we are because we have tits and sound good on Ventrilo. We don't NEED the attention from people that you seem completely dependent on. Why? Because we aren't terrible, no-skill scrub assed players who have gotten everything they've ever had in a video game by making it blatantly obvious that they're desperate for male attention and completely lacking any kind of respect for themselves.

Anyhow, I'm done. I need to go see if my guildies need anything further from me (which they probably do... *sigh*) and then see if I can ninja-logoff and go lay down on the couch for some TV time while I wait for Clubbin to get back from errands and take me to see Star Trek!



  1. Wait there's whores in this game, I might resub

  2. Okay, but is it okay for a male to play a female toon to get handouts?