Friday, January 30, 2009

N'Kari down, 100% legit!

After a few nights of her bugging out and continuing to channel even if we used the stones on her, Ulath (<3) told us that if you reset the instance and reform the group every few attempts it will keep her from bugging, so long as a different person is leader.

So we did it... and... WE DID IT. The 6 boobied beeyotch is DOWN.

"And what were the loots??" you ask, trembling with anticipation.

Blackguard chest. They really REALLY need to fix this crap. :( TOKENZ PLZ!

Customer Satisfaction.... Guaranteed?

Every so often I peruse the VNBoards so wee if there is any game-related info leaked there before I see it up on WHA. Perhaps it's just that I'm only noticing it now, but it seems as though there is alot more complaining about the state of the game there from people who admittedly already quit than there is an actual sharing of useful information.

I'm wondering if these people are just a vocal minority or what? I can't seem to find anyplace that might indicate what WAR's subscription numbers are like. Last I heard it was something like 800k, but that was a bit ago.

Personally, I think people have awfully high expectations for a game that's only been out for just over 4 months. My instinct is telling me that these are people who started playing WoW 2 years after it was released and didn't have to deal with the rampant crashes, bugs, pathing problems, imbalances and world geometry issues that plagued that game just after it came out and for quite some time afterwards. Not to mention that having a 4+ year old "polished" MMO (WoW) available for these hypersensitive whiners to fall back on really only increases the QQ'ing, as no MMO still in it's infancy as WAR is can possibly be completely bug free. They weren't playing WoW when there were 45 minute server login queues, frequent crashes, or when mages could two shot people and had so much CC they were nigh unkillable. They weren't there for the 30+ crashes the night of the AQ gate opening event (with less people on the screen than your average fullscale RvR battle).

Now please don't take this to mean that I believe that WAR is perfect. It definitely has it's issues, but none of them are anything uncommon in a new MMO. And just because what YOU want to be fixed NOWNOWNOW doesn't happen to be at the tippity top of Mythic's priority list doesn't mean that there won't be patches in the future to resolve the issues most important to you. Human beings can only work so fast, and there are only so many people Mythic can employ at once to make their gaming experience as positive and bug-free as possible.

I'd like to get some comments here from people sharing their REAL thoughts about the game. Are you enjoying it? Do you have faith that Mythic will fix the issues the game has, even if it takes time? Do you feel there are glaring class imbalances, pathing/world geo/bug issues that make the game unplayable, or do you adapt for now with the assumption these things will be taken care of? Do you like the look of the game? The mechanics? What do YOU think should be mythic's fix priority? Exploits and cheating or overall bugs? How do you feel the game is, overall, given that it's only been out such a short amount of time?

Civil conversation and insights are not only welcome, but encouraged. Now post!

Healbans and Asshats

Some of you reading this blog are healers like myself, and you can relate to this post on a personal level. Some of you have seen things like this happen, and have shaken your heads in disbelief at the audacity of some of the people who play this game. Some of you, though hopefully the minority, are who this entry will be about, and for that I do not apologize.

(As a side note: Does anyone know what's wrong with the Asshat mod? It's not been working for me lately. :()

WAR is the first MMO that I have played a healer. In WoW, I hated healing. I played a Paladin, specc'd to tank, and decided to be the best I could possibly be at tanking and only tanking. At my character's zenith, I was 21st in the world unbuffed HP, 6th in the US. I theorycrafted and researched in order to squeeze every last bit out of my toon... but you would be hard pressed to EVER find me casting a heal. In fact, the one time I ever healed in a raid was when I was main tanking Kael'thas for our guild's progression kill (the warrior tanks were rather butthurt about that, truth be told) and our warlock tank's healer died. A Shadow Priest guildie popped out of shadow form and I ran to the back of the room and we kept him up till his healer could get a battle res, and because of Pity and my quick thinking we wound up killing him that attempt. However, I refused to ever spend EPGP or use my tokens to purchase healing gear. I simply had no interest in it.

This game, however, changed all that. Even with the Zealot's issues, I still find healing in this game to be far more dynamic than in WoW. Sure, its still "Click and keybind, click and keybind" but there is so much more to my character than I could have hoped for in WoW, and I actually have a chance to escape an attacker with shields, detaunts, silence, knockback and stun. Healing in WAR has so much of a different feel to it that I really can't see myself doing much else. In fact, even on my squig herder, I get this weird twinge when I see people's HP going down on my Squared and I have no way to make it go back up.

Now, I I am starting to understand the reasoning behind the "healban" thing some priests and druids and shamans spoke of in WoW.

The following is a little list of reasons why you will stop getting heals from me. I have a (very short) list of people in the game who will not ever receive a direct heal from me, EVER, and here are the reasons why:

1. You run up to me jumping up and down at 80% HP, then stand there not doing anything. I can see your HP on Squared. I don't need a jack-in-the-box to remind me that part of your HP bar is empty.

2. You run back to me jumping up and down at 80% HP and bring a train of Order MDPS straight back into the back lines where they proceed to switch targets to the nearest healer (usually me) and then watch as I get a mudhole stomped in my face and do nothing to help me. Grow a pair, FFS.

3. You're a tank in my group that has no idea what Guard is for.

4. You're an overnuking sorc who has no idea how to manage your own Backlash. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind healing sorcs who are nuking the opposition into the next millenia. However, you padding the numbers on the scenario charts with butt-tons of AOE while not actually killing anyone, then complaining you're not getting heals is NOT going to put you too high on my priority list. I'm not there to be your healbot unless we agree upon some kind of arrangement beforehand. (Hint: You like heals, I like gold. Ya dig?)

5. You are an MDPS player that likes to overextend and has no idea what LOS is. If you are out of heal range in the enemies back lines or behind a boulder, do not expect heals unless I don't have to risk my own neck to give them to you. Granted, I appreciate that you are trying to harry the enemy squishies back there, but if I can't reach you without putting myself in reach of their entire team's nukes and CC you're just going to have to suck it up and run back from spawn. Similarly, if you're seeing alot of green numbers on your screen, running behind rocks and other scenery = BAD. Situational awareness is your friend.

6. I'm dead because you were more concerned with beating on an Ironbreaker than taking out the Witch Hunter with his rapier jammed up my back end.

7. You have openly accused me (or other healers) in the scenario of "not healing". I assure you, I am healing. It's the only thing I CAN do. Since the heals I have given you don't seem to count for some reason (either due to me prioritizing or being dead myself) or are insufficient in your opinion, enjoy receiving no heals whatsoever. That way you can see what it's like when I actually consciously don't heal you.

8. I am ress'ing another healer that died in order to facilitate keeping our team alive. Ressing another healer > healing you... especially if we are short on healing in a scenario, which is more often than not the case.

9. You are someone that could be helping to heal but you are specc'd for LOLDPS, and then complain about not getting heals. What, your piddly self heals/HoTs aren't enough to keep you up Mister DPS DOK? Congrats on that 47k damage and 17k healing (all done on yourself). I hope it was worth you being a wasted slot in the scenario.

10. You are off solo in your own group to farm renown. You are selfish and an asshat, and I refuse to keep you alive so you can leech renown (and/or XP if you're sub-40) off the rest of the team. I can't group heal you, and I can't buff you, and I will be damned if I'm going to cast 2.5s (plus the GCD, making them actually 3 seconds...) single target heals on some idiot who thinks he's a beautiful and unique snowflake instead of a group heal on the rest of the people who behave like team players. Just because your mommy told you you're special doesn't mean you are.

11. You are a R28 Marauder complaining that you didn't get heals when you ran headlong into the sea of red in front of you and were two-shot by a R40 BW. And no, you're not getting a res either.

12. You're a R28 who died in the Fortress Lord's room (where you had no business being) and then bitched in Region chat (and in profanity-laced tells) that the healers trying to keep the Lord tank (and the rest of the WB you didnt bother to join) alive are "elitist" for not ress'ing your lowbie ass or making you a healing priority. (Thankfully the new caps have pretty much taken care of this, but it's an old gripe.)

13. You spend so much time typing in scenario chat about how bad our team sucks/how OP Order's CC is/how we're up against a premade and can't win/that other people need to be doing XYZ/that so-and-so is a noob/needs to l2p, etc. that you've contributed nothing to our side except making yourself an undeniable nuisance. Or, similarly, if I'm in the scenario with one of our premades and you're some R32 PUG trying to dish out orders. The 6 of us calling focus fire targets on Ventrilo > you instructing us to chase after the lone IB decoy going mid.

14. You're a tank who has no idea how to Taunt fetching Lions.

These are all I can come up with right now, but feel free to add your own in the Comments. :)


I hate LV and N'Kari and her damn buggy ass can kiss my grits.


Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Layout!/Honesty Is the Best Policy

I decided to de-pink things a little, and found this template which I modified a bit. I am not really an HTML expert so after a while of fiddling with things to try and change that bright assed background color I finally just said screw it and changed to this setup. Hope you like it. :)

Also, I got myself on to the Blogroll at now that I have a few posts up. Hopefully this will get some people reading and commenting on some of my mindless rants.

So tonight is Lost Vale again. Last night was some oRvR, then we wound up recruiting a new Chosen and I helped him squeak out the last bit of XP he needed till 40. Only took about an hour and a half and we now have another R40 tank. A healer or two and we should be set. :D

Anyone out there on Iron Rock server looking for a semi-hardcore guild that knows how to toss the heals around? (Actually, come to think of it, a little ranged DPS wouldn't hurt either...). Drop Vinda a line. ;)


So there has been a huge explosion of drama on Iron Rock lately regarding banner buff stacking and pulling Fortress Lords into places where they don't belong. People have pretty much gone on a report-fest, putting in CSR tickets and turning in anyone they see with stacked buffs... and I'm seeing a number of problems with this.

1. Mythic needs to fix this, plain and simple. Certain claimed keeps are stacking the buffs, and the cheaters know which ones they are. Until they fix this, the people who intentionally exploit and cheat will continue to exploit and cheat.

2. People who are not intending to cheat can get the stacked buffs by accident if they chase the opposing faction around an active RvR area for long enough. Go in and out of the Keep area enough times and you're going to get the buffs stacked on you whether you like it or not.

3. There are mods in use that hide the little buff icons for players, defensive targets and red targets. This means that if someone is using one of these mods, they won't know they have the buffs on them and could find themselves with a suspension or a ban for not having intentionally done anything at all. One of the mods is called Phantom, and I myself use it. I could see being pretty pissed off if I wound up with a ban for having buffs I didn't even know I had.

4. People are going report-crazy. Order is mass reporting any Destro players they see with the buffs and vice versa. Bans and suspensions are flying around like mad. Now I refuse to believe that the majority of people on either side either a) intend to cheat or b) even know about the bug in the first place (given the relatively small number of people who actually read WHA). Therefore, these "Buff Police" aren't hurting anyone but themselves in the long run. First off, reporting every random person you see with the buffs doesn't mean you're "catching the bad guys", it just means that you're more than likely getting a guy banned who probably had no idea he was doing anything wrong. Second, if this keeps up and ban after ban is issued, who is going to be left to oRvR? As it stands right now, I refuse to participate in any Fortress attempts because quite frankly I'm afraid someone on my side will exploit or cheat again and I'll find my name plastered all over WHA as having associated with them or taken advantage of some exploit. No thank you very much.

My idea (which I have stated on WHA and was told I was "glossing over" cheating somehow) is to report the zone/keep in your CSR report instead of the player. Personally, I'm not looking to get Joe Schmoe from Idaho who plays for an hour after working on the potato farm all day a big fat ban for having buffs he was unaware of. I look at this method as a way of letting Mythic know (repetitively and persistently) that this bug needs a fix NOW without the server becoming underpop because people are getting ban-happy.

The other problem is people are now doing this purely out of spite. They got caught cheating, so now they're ban-happy, or they're lumping all of one Realm into the same mold as the small minority of cheaters and bitter about the actual intentional cheating that DID go on and now theyre looking at themselves like they're some sort of defenders of all that is just and righteous.

I'm no hippy, but I tend to think of a certain quote:

"An eye for an eye and the whole world goes blind." - Mahatma Ghandi

Tomb Kings!

Ok, now Night of Murder has me excited enough and now they let leak that they're going to be releasing Nehekhara and the Tomb Kings?

I'm on awesomeness overload right now.

Seriously. I WANT TO FIGHT BONE GIANTS!!!!!! :D :D :D

Really, all bugs aside, I love this game. (And one of the things I love most about it is that all the stuff they're adding now is FREE. No $29.99 at EBGames or whatnot... all free. It kinda makes up for the things they need to fix, IMHO.)

More to come in a bit....

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Death Night?!?!/Some Fix-Related Musings

So I'm pretty excited about the prospect of the next Live Event being Death Night.

Below is a cut/paste of the a snippet of lore, for any readers who aren't overly familiar :

"The holiest time of the year for Dark Elves is Death Night. During this night the Witch Elves rule the streets of the Dark Elf cities, capturing anyone they find (whether they are slaves or Dark Elves) and dragging them back to the temples as sacrifice to Khaine. The Witch Elves will even go so far as to break into houses, which has led to Dark Elf families barricading windows and doors during this night. On Death Night, the Witch Elves will also steal away a number of children. Girls captured like this will be trained to become Witch Elves. Boys are tossed in a cauldron of boiling blood. Those that survive are trained to be true adepts of Khaine: the feared assassins. As dawn breaks after Death Night, it is customary for those who lived through the night to make a sacrifice from their own household (usually a favoured slave or elderly relative) as a thanks to the Lord of Murder for sparing their family."

I can't wait to see how they put this into the game!! I am so excited... and I don't even play a Dark Elf! :D

Side note:
As some readers may or may not know, I'm a bit of a lore junky. Ever since I was introduced to the Warhammer world, I've read everything I could get my hands on to learn everything I could. My husband has also been a HUGE help, since he was into the tabletop LONG before I was, and he's answered all sorts of questions ranging from the serious ("So, what kind of Oath would a dwarf have to break to shame himself enough to become a Slayer??") to the utterly silly ("How do orc's pee?") and was super patient with me. (Incidentally, his answer to the latter question was "How the #### should I know?" LOL!)

So I respecc'd yet AGAIN today. I'm trying out a maxed Alchemy spec (with the rest in Dark Rites) that's basically an AP-bot build:

I'd obviously swith tactics/morales around a bit for PvE (the setup in the link would be for scenario premades, mostly.)

I didn't choose to take Chaotic Force at this time simply because I don't have the +heal crit yet to make the best use of it. Once I get some gear upgrades, I'll take a point out of Dark Rites to put in there.

I'm also diggin Aethyric Shock quite a bit. (Electrocuting tanks is FUN!). I was a WoI junky for a long time, but with the short distance it bounces folks around generally means they're back stomping a mudhole in the back of my head in a relatively short amount of time. :( It was fun watching Knights pingpong around, though!!

I am kinda hoping that in the upcoming patch they make a few changes to the game for the better. A few things I'd like to see:

1. Change the "Damage X target for X amount/heal Y target for Y amount" abilities buffed a bit. As it stands right now the CONCEPT is tempting but the implementation insofar as the placement in the trees is off (they don't do enough damage OR healing to warrant them being so near the top.) Either fix the abilities to warrant them such a high position, or leave them as they are and move them down the tree-- or take them out entirely. They're not doing us any good as they are. For instance, Boon of Tzeentch. Great idea in theory, but 232 damage? That's not even enough to heal a defensive target through one tick of a BW Dot. Not to mention it requires an active Harbinger... Now I don't pretend to know how the majority of people play their Zealots, but with the damage increases DPS classes got in 1.1 I barely have time to throw my HoTs on people to try my best to keep them alive nevermind take time for a Harbinger GCD

2. Itemization: If you don't plan on fixing #1, please at least fix our itemization. As in, if our "Damage X target for X amount/heal Y target for Y amount" aren't getting fixed or buffed, take the damned +Intelligence off our high end setpieces! Why on earth would Warlord gear have a +Intelligence bonus for the two piece? Either it's some kind of joke or they actually do plan on fixing #1 above sometime in the near future. *crosses fingers*

3. World Geometry!! I'm heaing rumours of a nerf to the Squig Herder's "Run Away" ability incoming, and I'd like to go on the record as a staunch OPPONENT of this nerf. SH are squishier than I am. You're going to take their best escape method away from them?? The sad thing is, I know what caused this: some naughty SH using the ol' jump-and-punt to sneak into defended keeps. But basically, instead of fixing the world geometry that makes this possible, they nerf one of the best abilities a SH has to keep himself alive? I'm not sure how that makes sense. Meanwhile, Engineer's turrets are still shooting players through the floor of Keep Lord's rooms, White Lion's pets are still climbing walls into keeps with closed doors, etc. *rolls eyes*

4. How about those Immunities? So I'm to understand that the knockback immunity works (as in, if you're knocked back by a player you cant immediately be knocked back again- the one exception I'm aware of being WoI). Why doesn't this same immunity apply to any other CC ability? Really, who cares if you have a knockdown immunity when you're rendered useless for the remainder of your short life by disables, silences, roots, snares, etc.? I mean, why grant an immunity to one and not the rest? Or is this something that is supposed to be in-game and isn't working properly? If it is, FIX PLS! If not, it really needs looking at.

5. Guild Scrolls to dungeons. How many R35 guilds need Gunbad Mountain recall scrolls? 'Nuff said.

6. What's with Black Orc's lack of CC? Every other tank class in the game has multiple CC abilities... while our hulking green friends get nothing but one AOE knockback (affected by the Immunity) and the same Slowing ability that every tank gets, unless they spec to do 2h'er damage? Working under the assumption that most T4 tanks in RvR are specc'd for sword and board, since that's how I see most of them out and about, how about a little more balance here?

I'm sure I'll come up with more and be able to edit this post at a later time... but I'm pretty tired so I think I'll be signing off here. Hopefully I'll ding a RR tomorrow since it's guild RvR night (YAY NO PVE!).

Happy Hunting!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Only 5 more pieces till I never have to PvE again ever ever ever if I don't want to!

Tonight I finally got my first piece of Darkpromise gear to drop in Lost Vale. We cleared out the first wing rather quickly, as per usual, and I was the fortunate recipient of a lovely new pair of Darkpromise Handwraps. Thank you Broog, Kildara, Annarane, Deathwed and Orgrune!

Now, on to the topic of the day: PvE, and why I don't like it.

Back in the days of Warcraft, I never set foot in any area or instance that was remotely PvP related. I had come from Asheron's Call, where there was some benefit to killing people besides "points" to buy gear I could easily get from any number of bosses in the game. Basically, playing WoW was my 4 year hiatus from PvP as a whole... till Warhammer came out.

I love RvR. I can't get enough of it. And this game has made me hate PvE to the point that I complain INCESSANTLY about having to do Lost Vale or any other instance because all it means to me is that there will be no premade oRvR or Scenario groups for the night. (I blasted Vinda to R40 with such a quickness that I'm currently unfortunately only 66% to RR33. :( )

"But don't you want Darkpromise???" my guildies ask incredulously.

Of course I do... but only because it means I'll be able to take part in city sieges. :)

PvE to me is only a means to an end. It's really just easy-access ward gear that you don't have to rely on STUPIDLY RANDOM contribution-ruining dice rolls to get. (I have come in top 3 in contribution a number of times in keep takes and rolled in the double digits :\). At this point I don't need Annihilator gear anyhow, since we clear Enclave in about 20 min and Bilerot in under an hour with Deathwed or Orgrune tanking and Sentinel gear is markedly more easy to obtain. I'm currently 4/6 Sentinel and 1/6 Darkpromise (which could change tomorrow depending on how much the drops hate me). The individual Darkpromise pieces are not huge upgrades, but the set bonuses on the DP set FAR exceed those on Sentinel, so I'll hopefully be able to put together a nice mix of the two.

PvE just plain bores the SHIT out of me. I'd rather get zerged by Order all night than slog through a Lost Vale, Bilerot or Enclave run... though I will continue to do so likely even after I am geared fully because other people need wards as well... and selfishness just ain't my style.

I will, however, duck out of PvE at any available opportunity provided the group really and truly doesn't need me. >:) Generally the drop rates for things that people actually need are horrific (GG Magus and DoK gear, ffs. There isn't even one in the damn guild.) so that's not a big motivation to sit in there for a few hours either. :\

If you don't want to read my musings about available gear and what I do and don't want, read no further. ;)

I've lately been trying my hardest to figure out what +heal crit gear I can easily get, and it's frustrating.

So, here is the plan so far, logging it here for posterity so I can look back on it later if need be:
(Please note: This is NOT a "Best-In-Slot" list or anything like that, just reasonably obtainable upgrades for my character at her current Renown Rank and level of progression.)

Currently: Sentinel Cowl
Want: Currently no pressing need to upgrade. DP just looks cooler, IMO.

Currently: Carcass-Guard of the Warden :(
Want: Sentinel or Darkpromise Carcass-Guard, whichever drops first.

Currently: Annihilator Footwraps
Want: Darkpromise Footwraps (Best in slot, IMO)

Currently: Sentinel Handwraps/Annihilator Handwraps/Darkpromise Handwraps
Want: Nothing. However, I'm not going to equip the DP till I get another piece for the set bonus.

Currently: Sentinel Waistwrap
Want: Darkpromise Wastewrap (Clear, though small, upgrade. Easy way to get the 2-piece bonus.)

Currently: Sentinel Wingmantle
Want: Darkpromise Wingmantle (Another clear, though small, upgrade.)

Currently: Agony (R37 Epic quest chain reward, and yes, I know, it's not very good.)
Want: Bloodfist Skinflayer or Skinflayer of the Scalebreaker. Would also take a Knife of the Watcher, if I could find one.

Currently: Malice (R37 Epic quest chain reward, and yes, I realise this is also terribad.)
Want: Focus of the Watcher

Currently: Some green cloak with 22 WP and 22 Wounds on it.
Want: Cloak of the Watcher or Guise of Repose.

I also need to keep my eyeballs peeled for Change Rings of the Harrier in the AH. 24 WP and 24 Wounds with resists = NOMNOM.

Gearwise, if I could get the DP Chest and Feet to drop, I'd be set. I know the DP gloves aren't the greatest, so if I had the belt I'd swap it out instead of the Sentinel and leave on the Sentinel Handwraps, cause they're really itemized a bit better IMO.

Innate Crit - 10%
Darkpromise Footwraps - 3%
DP set bonus - 5%

Then Ideally:
Dagger - 3%
Focus - 2%
Cloak - 1% from Guise of Repose (unless I somehow hit the lotto and wind up with a Watcher cloak with 4%)

That gets me up to 24% crit from items. I have not been able to find jewelry with +crit on it, and I don't think there are any such items in game, at least not according to WarDB. Pretty good, methinks.

What I guess I don't get is the fact that Darkpromise setpieces are, individually, only minimal upgrades from Sentinel. However...

Darkpromise Set Bonuses:
2- +69 WP
3- +5 Heal Crit
4- +69 Toughness (meh)
5- +10% chance to reduce cost of next ability used in 10 sec to ZERO AP. <3333
6- +5 AP regeneration

Sentinel Set Bonuses:
2- +344 Elemental Resistance (o_O)
3- +62 WP
4 - +62 Toughness (meh)
5- +5 Heal Crit
6- Stupid shield proc that, according to the tooltip, absorbs 47 damage. I'll pass.

The DP pieces aren't individually itemized much better than the Sentinel, but the set bonuses are a clear upgrade. I really do wish they'd turn that Toughness into Initiative, though... Toughness really doesn't start to make a big difference in the damage you mitigate unless you're stacking around 800 or so of it, and I'll never, ever, ever have that much Toughness... so it's kind of a waste.

Anyhow, this turned out way more long winded than I would have liked it to, so I'm going to sign off now to go perhaps play an alt or something... or possibly watch a little TV.


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Order: The Righteous and Honorable!

So after being rolled by the Order zerg all day (3 or 4 to one starts to suck pretty hard after a few hours), I find myself in a PUG with a whole bunch of people trying to take objectives and keeps in Kadrin's. There was a little opposition (it was pretty late) but I was kinda enjoying being able to poke my nose out of my warcamp and not getting it sheared off for a change.

We took the Reikland BOs, then went to the south keep. There were a couple groups of Order defending (looked like a guild group-- saw some familiar names) but we managed to take them out after quite a while of beating on the door, etc. My husband went AFK in the keep for a few minutes after it flipped, and come back to see himself being attacked by a swordmaster-- INSIDE the taken keep.

So I head down there to see what's going on, and get up onto the first wall. Suddenly I'm being attacked by the same SM and wound up dead in front of the first keep door... which is closed.

...and there is Order inside attacking the second door.

I'm so sick to death of hearing how dishonest the Destruction side is on our server, and then to bear witness to shit like this after being rolled over like Play-Doh all day. They outnumber us to such a degree all day, then can't even take a keep back legitimately? I mean what the hell? And it's not like their group couldn't have successfully defended that keep... hell, I know we have done it with less people than they had and been victorious. Fact is, they got their asses handed to them by a shoddy PUG and took the cheap way out. How they got in, no idea. Doesn't matter, really. Just the hypocrisy of it disgusts me.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Little Introduction

First off, I'd like to say that the title of the blog is the name of the guild on Iron Rock server that I belong to. I used it for the title of this blog because of how clever (and appropriate) it is. I would like, however, to give credit where credit is due... and that credit belongs to our old guild leader Loughee Nureye, one of the best shaman I have had the pleasure of playing with since I rerolled destruction. We miss you!

Second, I'd also like to state, for the record, that this blog will be the medium I will use to post my rants instead of on the WHA forums. WHA is VERY heavily moderated and some of the things I am *thinking* alot of the time will more than likely get me banned and cause unnecessary drama for my guild. If you're easily offended by coarse language and opinionated rants, read no further.

Now, a little about me.

I rolled my first WAR character in Open Beta. Coming from World of Grindcraft and playing a paladin for roughly three out of the 4+ years I played that game, initially I was drawn to the Warrior Priest class and had intended on rolling on as my main once the game went live. However, I soon found that WAR had so much more to offer than I had expected, and found myself quickly becoming a hardcore alt-aholic.

After leveling a Witch Hunter and Ironbreaker to T3, I decided, surprisingly, to stick with my Rune Priest. Healing in WAR is dynamic and actually FUN... something I wasn't used to. I leveled him (yes, HIM... I'm a lore nerd) to R40, having two guilds blow up due to the GMs quitting the game (for differing reasons) and being forced to transfer off my low-population home server of Bretonnia I started to lose interest in playing my little dwarf, and rolled Vinda Loo, my current main.

Now, perhaps this is just a "girl" thing, but it is important to me that my game avatar "feels" like a representation of me. Perhaps that's why I found myself drawn to Vinda more and more and felt my desire to play my short little bearded stunty wane. It was around Rank 8 when I decided to put my feelers out for a decent guild on Iron Rock, and to my surprise (after a short Ventrilo interview) I was picked up by one of the top Destruction guilds on the server - Cry Me a RvR - and here I am.

Hopefully I'll get some readers here, but even if I don't, I'll still have an outlet to post what I'm thinking. For now, I'm going to watch some television with my darling husband (who was supportive enough that he dropped his R40 WP on Badlands and rerolled a Black Orc with me on Iron Rock :D) and hit the hay.