Wednesday, May 13, 2009

So oi'z been finkin.

Yeh, oi knowz datz a danjerus habbit. BUT. Oi'z com up wif dis oidea dat oi'z finkin' moit spel da end o'dem order-y types.

Ya see, oi'z gotz me sum new treds. Sum FANCEE stuff, loik wot dropz in dat Vale place. 'An so oi sez to meself...

"Self? Youse a sneaky lit'l tuff git. Youse ken plink dem humiez faces rite off dere bodiez! So.... why dun youse fin' sum uvva gitz wot ken plink jus' as gud as you ken and make up sum Plinkin' Waaaagh! Youse ken get some shamanz for heelz, and youse Plinkers can Plink an' Plink an' Plink till all dem order-y typez iz D-E-D DED."

So oi iz. Oi'z fin' dis one git name Graffbow, and anuvva git name Blanka whoze for Plinkin', and oi'z fin' some git name Trizz, and wun name Moar, and wun name Sweetummz (tho dun youse be askin' dis wun wot type'o name dat iz for a greenskin, coz oi kent tell yeh...) and we'z gonna call us Da Plink Squad.

So oi'z got ta go plan dis new Waaagh! Lotsa werk to do fer me!


  1. Goblin talk gives me a headache....Chaos 4 Life!

  2. I love goblin talk. The whole greenskin thing is something that I find entertaining. It's the reason I went to Destruction after playing several Order characters.